Schedule & Pricing

The weather all year in Kenya is quite warm, though there are some minor variations.  Day and night are almost equal the whole year (the equator runs right through central Kenya) with sunrise around 6 am and sundown around 6:30 pm.

April and May are the “short rains” and are considered low season.  Rain usually falls in the late afternoon preceded by bright, sunny days.  Don’t worry, though, the rains do not have much effect on the number of animals that can be seen on a vehicle safari.

June, July, and August have the coolest weather — in the 80s with little humidity.

July, August and early September is the time of the great migration of wildebeest and zebras coming from Tanzania into the Masaai Mara.  This is the most spectacular time in Africa and is considered high season.

The months of October through March have relatively stable weather and daytime temps may reach the low 90s.  February is probably the hottest month of the year.

Safari prices may fluctuate slightly based on the time of year, but most of the Eagle Tours Safaris will be priced around $4,000 per person for a 12 day trip (10 days on the ground; 14 days total including travel from Seattle or Portland).  If you include air fare from the west coast your total trip cost will be approximately $5300 – $5500 per person.  Remember that this price includes EVERYTHING!  Your safari vehicle, your experienced wildlife guide and driver, your accommodations, all your meals, and park entrance fees are included in the price.

Pick the time that works best for you and call me.  Let’s get started putting together a trip !